1. A contract review must be completed by the customer for each sample :

  •  Specimen Type,
  •  Requested analyzes,
  • Applicant Contact analysis: Name, address, tel…,
  • Conditions of sample collection: Name of sampler, date and time,
  •  Conditions of storage and sample receipt,
  • The information necessary for the interpretation of test results (animal species, physiological stage …).

2. Minimum quantity required depending on the nature of the sample:

Specimen Type Amount (kg)
 Dry roughage  1
 Wet coarse foods  4
Fodder  1
 Grains and seeds (Inspection)  5


3. Use coolers when transporting wet or coarse food samples
Intended for microbiological analysis


4.Sampling should be representative to obtain a fraction that represents the average value of the characteristic considered for the entire sample (Decree 29 July 1999).